Vow Renewal 45 Years Celebration! (Hampshire)

In this job, you are privy to lots of personal details and it is a huge responsibility to translate these into a story to be told, and one that is true to who they are and also engaging for their guests.  With my fabulous couple today, it was not only a daunting task, but also an incredible honour.  You see, this pair are completely inspirational, having been together for 45 years and celebrating their Sapphire anniversary this month. 

They had a vow renewal ceremony followed by dinner and an evening celebration at the lovely Lismoyne Hotel in Fleet, Hampshire.

SUe & Alan 1972    wedding dress 1972

I spent hours with them, noting all of their life events, describing how they met and married, right through the years they spent raising their family, and how they transitioned into retirement.  I got lost in their memories with them, and felt the warmth, love and passion that they have for their family.

Life is not all about happy events, there are times that prove challenging, and it is these that test a couple's resolve, but this pair are as strong together as can be.  As I stood in front of all of those closest to them, recounting details from a relationship that has spanned almost half a century, I realised that this achievement of theirs is one that only a few will ever experience, and I felt lucky to be able to work with them.

ceremony room

I have no doubt that these two will continue to make more memories together, and with the love and support of their family and friends, they absolutely have it all.

Congratulations Sue and Alan, you amazing, and lovely people!

Much love x

45 years celebration

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