Vineyard Weddings

I just love vineyard weddings and the romantic feel of the setting, the views, and how relaxed they feel.  This is one of my favourite kinds of ceremony location, and I am looking forward to writing a bespoke ceremony script for another vineyard wedding couple that have just confirmed their booking with me!

vineyard ceremony setting

The flexibility that comes with this kind of location lends itself perfectly to a celebrant-led wedding, as you can select the spot with the best views without being tied to licensed areas.  You can also incorporate many different personalised elements into your day, from using wine barrels as decorative addtitions, having vines intertwined in your bouquet,  a personalised outdoor ceremony, a wine toast at the end with all of your guests, and even site-produced wine for the reception! 

WIne barrels

wine barrel ideas

Wine Toast

vines in bouquet

vineyard wedding reception

wedding under the vines

Needless to say there are lots more ways in which to really inject some of your own personality into the proceedings to make it completely your own, and absolutely unforgettable.

For more details on this style of wedding ceremony setting and content, please contact me here for a no obligation chat.

sunset on vineyard wedding


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