Quirky Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Bouquet!

Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of working with some really wonderful couples, ones that embrace the concept of having a bespoke and personal ceremony.  I encourage them to inject as much personality into their day as they are comfortable with, and throw out the rule book when it comes to certain parts of their day.

Whilst I love to retain the sentiment and (to a degree) the formality of the vows, rings and indeed what marriage means, my ceremonies are modern, light and reflective of my couples.  These are people that are happy look to the areas that are ripe for personalisation, things like their entrance into the ceremony, music, personal vows, and confetti alternatives (click here for my blog post about some fab options!), but more and more, I am seeing a switch up in bridal details, from traditional to quirky.

This piece on the amazing Rock and Roll Bride, demonstrates just how you can achieve something unique to you, something that broadcasts who you are, through the items that you carry down the aisle!


I have seen everything from brooch bouquets, paper/origami posies, music sheets fashioned into flowers, and even a bride carrying their puppy instead of a bunch of blooms!  Whatever works for you is the right thing to do, and you should retain the essence of who you are as individuals and of course as a couple.

For more ways in which to create a bespoke and really personal wedding ceremony, feel free to drop me a line for a little chat.



(image credits to Rock & Roll Bride - link above).

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